Thursday, September 29, 2011

DNA 3 Condos Standard Finishes Can't be Beat!

With Toronto Condo builders getting more and more competitive with higher end standard finishes, it is no surprise that the standard condo suite finishes at Canderel Stoneridge's DNA3 Condos can compete with the best of them.

When purchasing Pre-construction Toronto condos, it is always important to clarify with your Realtor what features and finishes are standard in the unit model suite. From there, you can get a pretty good idea of how much you would need to budget for upgrades if the standard finished do not meet your approval. It is for this reason, we take our hats off to the standard finishes that will be found at DNA3 condos. They are as follows:

DNA3 Condo Kitchen- model suite

-9 foot ceilings

-Baseboards to be over 4 inches thick with 2 inch trim to match

-Ceilings to be smooth or exposed concrete

-European stainless steel appliances including a microwave

-Breakfast island

-Washer and Dryer

-Engineered wood flooring throughout except for in bathrooms and laundry room

-Ceaserstone counter tops in kitchen

-Undermount sink in kitchen

-Glass backsplash in kitchen

-Porcelain tiles on floor and walls in washrooms

-Modern vanity in washrooms

-Deep soaker tub in all suites

-Frameless glass shower in suites with two full washrooms

-Dual flush toilet

DNA3 Condo Bedroom - Model Suite

DNA3 Bathroom - Model Suite

As you can see from the extensive list, the standard finishes at DNA3 condos are hard to beat.
DNA3 Condo Living Room - Mode Suite

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Why invest at DNA3 Condos?

With an abundance of new condo projects launching in the downtown Toronto, there is no question that there is a lot more new condos for investors to choose from. The majority of these new condos that will be built in three to four years are located within the entertainment district. More specifically, east of Spadina, north of Queen, south of Front Street and west of University. It appears as though the entertainment district is slowly being turned into a condo community. With new condo towers being approved for over 40 storeys, this location of the city will soon be congested with new residents. Our question is:  "Are there too many people investing in these condos?" We feel that the answer is yes.

Even though the downtown Toronto location is centrally located, one has to question if buying in a condo with over 70% of investors is a smart choice. The problem with purchasing in these condo developments is that with such a large number of investors, one will be faced with the challenges of competing with multiple units when trying to sell, and secondly if a lot of the units are rented out, there is the risk of the condo building turning into a highly tenanted building. Unfortunately when this arises, the quality of the building has a tendency to diminish as end users naturally take more care in maintaining the unit and building it it's entirety. It is for these reasons that we have found that if investors look into purchasing in the east end of the city (west of Parliament) as well as the west end (west of Bathurst but east of Dufferin,) the potential of a greater return on their investment is stronger.

One condo project in particular that will be a great investment is DNA3 condos which will be located right at the corner of King and Shaw on the north west corner. The first two phases of DNA Condos which are DNA1 and DNA2 respectively,  which are already built on the opposite side of the street are a huge success in the King West neighbourhood. With many end users in these buildings, the resale values and rental values have been renowned to be some of the highest in the city. The key to achieving such high numbers is not only the high ratio of end users, but also the quality of the product used to build these two buildings. With the recent launch of DNA3 condos which will be the third and final phase, there is no doubt that this building will also achieve some of the highest resale values in the city. With superior finishes and amenities then it's prior two phases, DNA3 condos is set to be a landmark in the King West location. The occupancy is set for 2013 and construction is looking to start in the next couple of months. With this mind, investors still have the opportunity to purchase before construction has started as well as to buy into a building where there will be a large percentage of end users; thus setting them apart from other investors.

For more information on good locations to invest, and/or specifically DNA Condos, contact us at our site all about Toronto Condos: DNA Condos.

Monday, September 12, 2011

DNA3 Condo Update

With approval granted for the upper floors of DNA3 condos, it is no surprise that this condo will be a landmark in King West. Both condo towers will now be 14 storeys in total giving these upper floor units unobstructed views in all directions. This alone is rare to find in the King West area as zoning laws have proven to be quite rigid in the past. Considered one of the fastest selling projects in King West, there is no doubt that these upcoming new releases at DNA3 Condos will sell out just as quickly.

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