Monday, October 29, 2012

DNA3 Condos Sales Representative Erica Smith Visits the Construction Site

As you know, DNA3 Condos is one of The Condo Chick's favourite sites in the trendy King West area. Today, Erica Smith who was part of the DNA3 Sales Team, decided to visit her old stomping ground. Only a year ago, the sales office was still up and running and open for business. It's hard to believe that construction is underway and has progressed so quickly. Keep checking in with us for DNA3 Condos construction updates.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

DNA3 Condos Construction Update: October, 2012

A visit to the DNA3 Condos construction site showed that excavation is getting close to finishing. Before we know it, construction will begin to go up instead of down. At that point, we will be able to see DNA3 Condos take shape. 
Currently, there are so many condos going up in the King West neighbourhood. A visit to various construction sites in the area show that the DNA3 Condos site definitely has the largest footprint. With condo developments in Toronto getting smaller and smaller, it's refreshing that DNA3 Condos will have such an impact in the area both on the residential and commercial sides. There is no doubt in our minds that DNA3 Condos will be the landmark condo in King West.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

King and Shaw Revitalization

DNA3 Condos, which is one of our favourite sites in the King West neighbourhood is set to completely revitalize the corner of King and Shaw. Located on the North/West corner, this two tower condo development is set to alter the King and Shaw corner.  With strong anchor tenants anticipated to occupy the commercial component of the condo on King Street, there is no doubt that the presence of strong retailers will bring much needed support for the abundance of residential units.


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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Different Construction View of DNA3 Condos

As you know, we have been actively monitoring and visiting the DNA3 Condos site located at King and Shaw. As of now, we have been taking pictures from Shaw Street, which will be the East side of the building in which the first tower will front on.

Today, we took a stroll along King Street which will be the Southern exposure for both Towers, referred to as Tower A which is to the East and Tower B which is to the West. Have a look at the photos below demonstrating the construction site from King Street. Keep checking in with us for more DNA3 Condos photos and updates to come!

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