Monday, September 24, 2012

DNA3 Condos Construction Update: End of September 2012

A visit to the DNA3 Condos site showed that construction is moving on very quickly. With an occupancy expected in 2013, there is no question in our minds that residents will be enjoying their new homes sooner then later. If you get a chance, try and stop by the site to check out the construction hole for yourselves. We promise you that you have never seen a hole quite as big! It has to be big to accommodate the two fourteen storey towers that will be built. Keep checking in with us for DNA3 Condos updates. There are a lot more to come!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

East Views from DNA3 Condos

DNA3 Condos which is under construction is set to be the most desirable condo in the King West neighbourhood. With strict zoning laws in this neighbourhood, it's hard to get away with building high rises that can guarantee unobstructed views. The unique aspect about DNA3 Condos is that there will be units with unobstructed views starting from the 8th floor and up. For example, on the west side of the condo development there are the Sudbury townhomes which are only 3 storeys guaranteeing lake views. Tower A which will built on the east side of the development will have stunning views of the City of Toronto on the upper floors. As mentioned before, it's very rare to have such stunning views from a 14 storey tower. It's pretty much guaranteed that the views from these units will command high resale values once DNA3 Condos is complete.


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNA3 Construction Update: September 2012

 The cranes at DNA3 Condos are working double time! The cranes can even be spotted from the Gardiner Expressway when travelling by car. This alone demonstrates the prime location of DNA3
Condos as it is not only situated in King West but also steps from the highway.

A visit to the DNA3 site this week showed that construction is not slowing down even though we are approaching the end of 2012. With an occupancy originally anticipated for March 2013, it looks like they will be closer to occupying at the end of 2013, which is still considered quick for a pre construction project. Keep checking in with us for DNA3 Condos updates as well as information on colour selection.


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DNA1 and DNA2 Condos

 DNA1 and DNA2 Condos are essentially the "go to" condos in the King West neighbourhood. Located on the South/East corner of King and Shaw, these two condos command some of the highest resale values in the area, with units for sale lasting only the market for a few days. DNA3 Condos will be the third and final phase of the DNA Condo series which will be built on the North/West corner of King and Shaw. This condo is anticipated to be the creme de la creme of the DNA Condos considering not only the finishes, but the outstanding amenities that will incorporated into this two tower development.


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