Thursday, January 27, 2011

Selecting a Realtor to Buy or Sell Your DNA Condo

In the City of Toronto, it seems that everyone is in real estate, is getting into real estate or knows someone in real estate. It is definitely an industry that has seen an over saturation of real estate agents. Currently there is over 30 000 real estate agents registered with the Toronto Real Estate Board. That is a lot of agents to choose from when looking for representation for your condo sale or a condo purchase. Therefore how do you make the choice? The following tips will help you find the best agent for you.
1. Find an agent in the area or building you are looking to sell or buy. This is an important part of the selection process. Agents become “experts” in certain areas therefore they have the inside scoop of buyers and sellers in the area. A lot of the time they will know when someone is looking to list prior to which can essentially give you an edge when looking to buy into the condo building. On the flip side, if you are looking to sell your condo, an agent that is working in the building, will also have a pool of buyers looking to get into the building thus giving you an advantage.
2. If you are looking to buy a pre construction condo, it is an advantage to be represented by a seasoned pre construction agent in Toronto. A lot of developers open their doors first to what is called VIP real estate agents. These agents are allowed to purchase condos prior to the building being opened to regular brokers as well as to the public. The price per square foot will be at the lowest point, thus making your investment a lot more beneficial. Ask your VIP agent if he has sold for that particular builder before and if he has special VIP access.
3. Referrals are also an indication that a real estate agent has done a good job in the past. Ask your friends and family if they were particularly happy with the services provided by an agent in the past. It is always re assuring to know they have done a good job with other clients. A referral is essentially a real estate agent’s resume.
4. Communication while selecting a real estate agent is key. Don’t be shy to sit down with a few potential agents and tell them what you are looking for in services. Real estate agents work in different ways, therefore you have to find the one the works best for you. You are essentially interviewing for a job. You must be comfortable with the agent and be prepared to establish a working relationship that makes everyone happy.
As there are many reputable and established real estate agents in the City of Toronto, the selection process can be somewhat tiresome. By taking into the consideration the above mentioned tips, you should be able to find yourself an agent that will be able to sell your condo, find you a condo to live in or invest with no problems. It is quite the norm to have a few different agents to help you out in the different aspects of Toronto Condo Market.

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  1. first time when I came on this topic and luckily found it nice thanks for this one. This is the first time when I came on this topic and luckily found it nice thanks for this one. I must like to appreciat