Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Selling my DNA Condo :How much will I get?

We recently met up with a client who was looking to sell her DNA condo.  During our meeting it became very evident that her main concern was knowing what percentage of the asking price we expected to deliver to her.  Many Realtors use these statistics as a marketing tool for themselves by saying “Sold for 110% of the asking price!” As Realtors we know these statistics don’t carry much weight. However, from the perspective of a potential seller the listing agent looks like a superstar, right?

Pricing your DNA condo for sale is one of the most important parts of the selling process. Determining the listing price depends on a few factors, such as market conditions, comparable sales and of course the unit itself- taking into consideration layout, location and condition. There are few pricing strategies that can be considered once a seller is ready to go to market.

1. A common pricing strategy in a strong buyer’s market is to under price the property and hold off offers until a certain date. It is the seller’s home to generate a multiple offer situation which will in return push the selling price above the asking price. Although the selling price is above the asking price, it does not necessarily reflect that the seller got any more for the property than true market value. It is by using this strategy that you will see agents marketing themselves by stating they sold over the asking price. Keep in mind that a major concern with this strategy is that the buyer can’t actually afford the price of the property generated by the multiple offer situation. More times then none, their original budget was the listing price- not the selling price which can at times go as much as $50 000 over the original asking price.

2. Another strategy is to price the property at market value. This strategy is a safer strategy as it targets the right buyers. If a buyer has been financially pre approved for a mortgage, they know exactly how much they can afford.  An offer received that is conditional on financing approval will not be such an issue as the buyer’s have likely already been pre approved at the listing price.

3. A final strategy that is not as common as others is overpricing the property. This option works at it’s best when sellers have no urgency to vacate or don’t have any financial pressure to sell. A seller must carefully consider this option before listing their property as the buyer will most likely be someone who has been waiting specifically for that unit to come onto the market. In other words, the buyer pool will be much smaller for an overpriced unit, however an end user, who has been waiting for the unit will always pay a premium for their primary residence.

In short, don’t be fooled by marketing material that suggests that properties have been sold for well over 100% of asking. As you can see there are many different stratgies that can be carried out when deciding to list and sell your DNA condo. Take the time to carefully consider which option best suits you.

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