Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Studio Units at DNA3 Condos

A quick look at all the new condos being built in Toronto demonstrates that downtown Toronto condos are definitely getting smaller and smaller. It is no surprise that DNA3 Condos in King West will also be home to some smaller studio units. With one bedroom condo units with square footages averaging under 500s/f, it is no surprise that studio units are coming out in the 200-400s/f range. The question is, are these unit a good investment? In our opinion the answer is yes, for a few different reasons.

1. Studio condo units are great rental investment units. With their lower prices and smaller square footages, your carrying costs as an investor are significantly lower. Take for example in the King West area which is a tad west, just out of the core. Studio condo units in that area are renting out for an average of $1100 a month. As an investor, there is no question as to whether your cash flow will indeed be positive.

2. Studio condo  units are also great units for the first time home buyer. With Toronto Real Estate prices getting higher and higher, these smaller condo units are still entry level for first time home buyers who are looking to get into the market with a small amount of funds. You know the old saying about purchasing the smallest house on the street? Apply that same correlation to studio units which are located amongst higher priced Toronto condos.

3. Studio condos units are great for the individual who works full time in the city however have a home in the suburbs. Instead of fighting traffic on a daily basis, or worrying about catching the last train after a business dinner, studio condos provide the perfect option of staying downtown Toronto.

4. Studio condo units can also be used as short term furnished units. For example if a business executive needs to spend a few weeks in downtown Toronto, a furnished studio rental may be a more attractive option then a hotel room. Furnished condo rentals can command as much as $1800 a month.

For more information on the studios available at DNA3, click on DNA3 Condos.


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  2. The studio unit at dna3 condos is shown here. Have a look at it