Monday, October 22, 2012

DNA3 Condos Construction Update: October, 2012

A visit to the DNA3 Condos construction site showed that excavation is getting close to finishing. Before we know it, construction will begin to go up instead of down. At that point, we will be able to see DNA3 Condos take shape. 
Currently, there are so many condos going up in the King West neighbourhood. A visit to various construction sites in the area show that the DNA3 Condos site definitely has the largest footprint. With condo developments in Toronto getting smaller and smaller, it's refreshing that DNA3 Condos will have such an impact in the area both on the residential and commercial sides. There is no doubt in our minds that DNA3 Condos will be the landmark condo in King West.

For more information on DNA3 Condos and upcoming DNA3 Condos Assignments, click on
DNA3 Condos.


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