Monday, November 5, 2012

Smallest Unit at DNA3 Condos

As we all know, condos in Toronto are getting smaller and smaller. There was a time that 600 square feet was considered a smaller condo. Nowadays, 600 square feet is considered a reasonable size!

At DNA3 Condos, there is a variety of different sized condos. Even though there are some smaller spaces, there are some units that are close to 1000 square feet which would be ideal for professional couples and/or small families looking to enjoy the condo lifestyle.

The smallest condo at DNA3 Condos is under 300 square feet- technically a mere 270 square feet. Now, before the comments start coming in that this condo is too small to serve a purpose, one must recognize that for a someone who travels often to Toronto, this condo could replace a hotel room.  For some individuals, the hotel lifestyle is not for everyone. A small owned space in the City of Toronto, such as this unit at DNA3 Condos is the perfect home away from home.

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