Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Barbecue or Not to Barbecue – That is the Question!

One of the things that people overlook when purchasing a Toronto condo is whether their new condo will permit them to barbecue. With more and more people choosing the condo lifestyle in Toronto, it can sometimes be very difficult to find a condo building that will accommodate aspects of a freehold home into your condo such as barbecuing. This alone makes your condo search a more challenging and frustrating task.
Many buyers are under the impression that condo policies on barbecues can be taken lightly. After all you do own the unit so why shouldn’t you be allowed to barbecue freely on your balcony or terrace? Unless you want a lawsuit on your hands, abide by the condo corporations rules.
According to The Ontario Fire Code, there are no restrictions on where barbecues can be located. The city of Toronto does allow balcony cooking however your condo corporation may prohibit these actions. An interesting fact is that it is the transportation of the BBQ on the elevator and the storage of the propane tank that is illegal not the actual barbecuing. By law, charcoal and wood fires used for cooking are legal however it is the condo corporation that will prohibit barbecue usage. To date, there have been many legal battles concerning barbecues on condos balconies; therefore it is best to do your research and due diligence prior to purchasing a condo in Toronto if barbecuing is an important aspect of your condo lifestyle.
With builders now realizing the demand for barbecuing privileges, the installation of natural gas lines on balconies and terraces in Toronto is becoming more and more common. Such units can be found in the DNA Condos, including the newest of the buildings, DNA3. Where natural gas lines are not present, the majority of Toronto condo buildings are attempting to accommodate barbecue lovers with a rooftop terrace if they are prohibited on individual balconies.
When searching for a condo in Toronto, it is important to ask your Realtor to only show you units where barbecuing on balconies is permitted. Once you’ve chosen the condo you would like to reside in and you’ve decided to put in an offer, make sure that your Realtor makes the offer conditional on your lawyer’s review of the status certificate. A portion of this document deals specifically with the barbecue rules and regulations of the condo building.
If you are interested in knowing which condo buildings in Toronto will permit you to barbecue on your balcony, or if you have a particular building in mind but are not sure about whether barbecuing is permitted, please feel free to click on DNA Condos for more information.


  1. DNA 3 condo's do not allow gas line bbq hookups on the balconies. Only DNA 1 (1 Shaw) had them as an option on available floor balconies.

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