Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Looking to BBQ in your King West Condo?

One of the things that people look for more closely when looking to buy a King West condo is whether their new condo will allow barbecues. With more buyers choosing the condo lifestyle in Toronto, it can sometimes be challenging to find a condo, specifically in King West that will accommodate barbecues. One specific condo development in King West that has more BBQ's then others is the DNA Condo developments.

With builders now realizing the demand for barbecuing privileges, the installation of natural gas lines on balconies and terraces in Toronto is becoming more and more common. Both DNA1 and DNA2 Condos have barbecues on the majority of their balconies with DNA3 Condos accommodating BBQ's only with certain suites that have oversized terraces. Where natural gas lines are not present, the majority of Toronto condo buildings are attempting to accommodate barbecue lovers with a rooftop terrace if they are prohibited on individual balconies such as DNA3 Condos. The building boasts a second floor roof top terrace with BBQ's and private sitting areas so residents without BBQ's on the their balconies can still entertain.

If you are interested in knowing which condos in Toronto and/or in King West allow barbecues or have a common barbecue area, please click on King West Condos.


  1. Correction to above: 1005 King (DNA) does NOT allow BBQ's. 1 Shaw (DNA) DOES allow BBQ's.

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