Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DNA1 and DNA2 Condos Market Update

With the standard slow down of the real estate market in Toronto, there is no evidence of a slow down of sales at both DNA1 and DNA2 condos.  Here are a few recent sales in both 1 Shaw Street and 1005 King Street:

1. 1 bedroom unit with both parking and locker sold just under $320 000
2. 1 bedroom plus den unit with both parking and locker sold in the $335 000 range
3. 2 bedroom with 2 bathroom with parking or locker sold under $430 000

Currently there are a few units up for sale in both DNA1 and DNA2 Condos:

1. 1 bedroom unit with parking priced just under $340 000
2. 2 bedroom unit with 2 washrooms with NO parking or locker priced at around $425000

For more information on buying and selling in DNA1, DNA2 and DNA3 Condos, click on
DNA Condos

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