Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rain Room?

Today's weather reminded us over at The Condo Chick's Office of the "rain room" that is being put in DNA3 Condos. This feature that will be located on the amenities floor of DNA3 Condos will be the first of it's kind in the City. With pools adding to the cost of maintenance fees in condos, the rain room at DNA3 Condos will be a perfect substitute for a pool along with the misting station located on the second floor terrace of the condo development.

The rain room at DNA3 Condos will be a co-ed feature in which water from rain heads will essentially create an extra large shower which be ideal for cooling off after a workout in the fitness centre. Instead of jumping into a pool, step into the rain room to cool off and socialize!

For more information on DNA3 Condos and for information on upcoming assignments, click on DNA3 Condos.


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