Wednesday, September 12, 2012

East Views from DNA3 Condos

DNA3 Condos which is under construction is set to be the most desirable condo in the King West neighbourhood. With strict zoning laws in this neighbourhood, it's hard to get away with building high rises that can guarantee unobstructed views. The unique aspect about DNA3 Condos is that there will be units with unobstructed views starting from the 8th floor and up. For example, on the west side of the condo development there are the Sudbury townhomes which are only 3 storeys guaranteeing lake views. Tower A which will built on the east side of the development will have stunning views of the City of Toronto on the upper floors. As mentioned before, it's very rare to have such stunning views from a 14 storey tower. It's pretty much guaranteed that the views from these units will command high resale values once DNA3 Condos is complete.


For more information on DNA3 Condos for sale or for rent, and upcoming DNA3 Assignments, click on DNA3 Condos.


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