Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DNA1 and DNA2 Condos

 DNA1 and DNA2 Condos are essentially the "go to" condos in the King West neighbourhood. Located on the South/East corner of King and Shaw, these two condos command some of the highest resale values in the area, with units for sale lasting only the market for a few days. DNA3 Condos will be the third and final phase of the DNA Condo series which will be built on the North/West corner of King and Shaw. This condo is anticipated to be the creme de la creme of the DNA Condos considering not only the finishes, but the outstanding amenities that will incorporated into this two tower development.


For more information on DNA Condos for sale or for rent and upcoming DNA3 Condo Assignments, click on DNA3 Condos.


  1. Very interesting property. But what are the benefits that a home buyers can get in living here? I mean what are some of the amenities and features of the house?

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  3. The Design of both these condos look attractive to me.

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